Up For A Game? 

Have you heard of the Blue Whale? No, not the giant mammal that swims in the beautiful blue, but the suicide game.

What seems to have started in Russia has spread its way to France and now the United Kingdom. The Blue Whale Challenge, which also goes by the names of Blue Whale Game and Blue Whale Online Suicide Game is claiming young lives is the scariest way.
This game that started in 2016 is a 50-day challenge with a curator whom instructs the player to commit a different act, or challenge each day. Some of these ‘challenges’ include tasks such as waking up at an odd hour during the night, watch horror films, and carving a blue whale into their forearm (hence the name). On the 50th and final day, the player is instructed to commit suicide in order to ‘win’. 

Schools are sending home letters to parents in hopes of bringing awareness to this horrid trend. Please spread the word so we may be able to save more lives than the ‘game’ has already taken.

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